Business problem

Turning a new business idea into a successful product, or taking the decision to take your development process into a fast-paced release cycle to meet customer & market demands can be a daunting prospect. Agile itself can be confusing as you hear about Scrum, Kanban, Lean, or the “Lean Startup” principles. Agile Basecamp is specifically designed to help you and your team understand the concepts and principles behind Agile development approaches and Agile Management to help you put you on the right path to creating a fast-to-market product delivery machine and a business organization to support it.


Agile Mountain will review your companies goals, products and processes and match that with an Agile framework to assess what could be the best fit for your business.

Agile Mountain will introduce you to key Agile tools and principles including:

  • Overview of Scrum, Kanban, Lean Start-up
  • Agile Team structure
  • Agile Requirements Management
  • Agile Release Planning
  • Agile Iteration Planning
  • Engineering Practices
  • Agile Testing, Quality Assurance and Acceptance
  • Continuous Learning and Improvements
  • Cooperation and Collaboration
  • Outsourcing Environment
  • General Practices and Values

Output & Deliverables include

Your organization will receive:

  • An assessment report, describing the process area gaps identified and the recommended actions divided into phases (knowledge, immediate, shorter-term and longer-term)
  • An on-site assessment result presentation identifying the most critical items with solution recommendations
  • Workshops as required to explain Agile approaches and opportunities
  • As a business, you may then decide to engage Agile mountains Traverse and/or Guide services to help drive success-

As a business, you may then decide to engage Agile mountains Traverse and/or Guide services to help drive success

Value Proposition

The Agile Basecamp consulting service will help your company get up to speed fast with Agile development and enable you to select and develop an approach that best meets the unique needs of your business.

Business problem

Frequent technology changes and quick time-to-market are good reasons for applying Agile frameworks to be able to deliver what is needed, when it is needed. The transition can be a very difficult process as it requires a mentality change. It can be hard to keep a balance between changing the process and the product delivery. A generic process doesn’t ideally fit so usually a customized process is required.


Agile Mountain will analyse your business needs, team, environment, and the product / product roadmap itself. Using our proven expertise, best practices and gathered information, a plan is compiled including a high-level roadmap as well as recommended coaching & training activities. We will guide your team through a transition process providing step-by-step instructions to make the transition smooth and controlled with successful results.

Output & Deliverables include

With the Agile Transition consulting, you will receive:

  • A custom Agile process that fits your particular business
  • Coaching sessions with individual team members or sub-teams, ad-hoc trainings or seminars and facilitation of the meetings and artefact analysis
  • Optionally, a set of trainings delivered to your project team, sub-teams or organization
  • An Assessment and Transition Report, describing major coaching activities and recommendations for the next steps
  • An Agile coach to join your development teams to guide you through the Agile development process until your teams & organization are up to speed.

Value Proposition

With Agile Transition consulting services you receive a customized Agile solution adapted to your specific business requirements that provides a smooth, controlled and successful transition to Agile.

Business problem

With the continuous changes and challenges in business, development organizations are keen to apply Agile practices (these can be based around Scrum, Kanban, Lean, XP etc...). However since every business is unique, it may require a custom solution rather than a generic one described in literature. Finally, after a series of customizations and adoptions your team may realize that it cannot deliver on the commitments or cannot deliver to the required quality. Your team probably understand the outstanding problems, however they require professional guidance and assistance in resolving them.


Our Agile Guide (or team of consultants) will analyse your existing process and match it to your current business needs using Agile Mountains standards, expertise and best practices. Our Guide will guide your team through an improvement process teaching them the most effective ways to apply particular Agile and Lean principles in a current project situation for meeting your business needs.

An Agile Guide will coach your Scrum Masters, Project Managers, Product Owners, Stakeholders and other individuals to help them understand and adjust the processes appropriately. In certain cases, our Guide may adopt one of these roles until your own team can take over – or pair with an existing member of your team to transfer knowledge. They will facilitate the meetings required to do the planning in a just-in-time manner, as well as monitor progress and make periodical inspections of both the process and the product.

An Agile Guide will also work with your team members as required to help them understand how they should work together and create an agile environment. The Guide will focus on the collaboration of your team members so it becomes self-organized.

An Agile Guide can work with your management/stakeholders to act as an Agile evangelist to promote the chosen approach throughout your business – critical to succeeding with Agile.

Output & Deliverables include

The deliverables of the consulting service include:

  • Coaching sessions with individual team members or sub-teams and ad-hoc trainings or seminars, facilitation of the meetings and artefact analysis.
  • A coaching report, describing the major coaching activities and recommendations for the next steps.
  • An Agile coach working within and alongside your teams and organization for a knowledge transfer period and/or to assume one of the key Agile roles for a transition period.

Value Proposition

The Agile Guide Consulting Service provides your organization with detailed guidance and step-by-step instructions for developing within an Agile environment, and gets involved with your teams to guide them towards meeting your business goals.

Business problem

Many organizations fail to capitalize on the full benefits that Agile offers, this is because the transformation is only rolled out to the front line teams and focuses on getting them to “be Agile”. What many organizations fail to grasp is that for Agile to be successful, all levels of the organization need to be engaged in the work of transformational change and this includes the leadership.

Leading Agile teams and organizations requires a completely different set of behaviours and mindset to leading traditional ones. To most effectively embed this new way of working requires coaching and mentoring for senior leaders as the skills needed cannot be easily implemented by reading a book or browsing the web.


The Agile Leadership coaching programme utilizes a blended approach of training, coaching and mentoring that is specifically tailored to dramatically reduce the learning curve for your leaders as they engage in the work of leading Agile teams.

The programme of coaching can include the training necessary to get your leaders up to speed quickly on the values, principles and practices of Agility. The training can also include an insight into the models of change management that work best for helping your leaders to make the greatest impact quickly on the current organizational culture.

Our coaches have experience in leading Agile teams, so your leaders will be receiving the very best support as we work with them in delivering the changes necessary for you to realize the full benefits of Agile.

By working with us, you will

  • Achieve greater engagement from all parts of the organization
  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Create products and services that your customers really want
  • Improve the creativity and innovation within the organization
  • Communicate effectively and appropriately
  • Create a more operationally resilient organization
  • Improve organizational responsiveness to shifting markets
  • Reduce the cycle time from concept to cash and get your ideas to market quicker

Value Proposition

Leadership coaching allows your organization to fully benefit from Agile practices to turn your business into an Agile Enterprises capable of sustained creativity and innovation. Agile Leadership helps you improve the return on investment your organization is making in Agile.

Enabling new start up organisations to thrive in an ever changing business world.

The need to deliver value quickly is essential in the start up world. Agility allows us to reduce risk, release business value early, increase visibility and embrace change throughout our delivery cycle. However, obtaining the funding to be able to effectively use Agile practices can be difficult – and do we want to risk our entire new venture on someone’s understanding of a book or wikipedia?

Agile Mountain has launched agilePartnership to solve this conundrum. We trade world leading Agile and Scrum Training, Lean –Startup principles, Coaching and consulting for capital in your new venture. We will put together a bespoke programme for you that we believe can help take you to hyper performance and give your products the best chance in the marketplace – as we´re then “in it together”. We´ll guide you through the growth process as your organisation grows, all without any investment of your cash flow.

Partnering includes:

  • A customised Agile start-up programme
  • Training & Coaching
  • Business Model analysis (the Business Model Canvas)
  • Regular reviews & consultancy

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