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Developing Agile Coaches to a new professional level

More and more organisations are recognising the need for agile coaches. The continuous development of teams, individuals and the whole organisation is essential in a modern workplace. Many agile coaches start out as a Scrum Master, or something similar, by attending a standard 2-day certified course, but rarely pursue anymore professional level training.

To be a professional level Agile Coach, there are many skills to master. There is also the need for a high degree of self-reflection and a passion for the development of individuals, teams, the organisation, and ones-self. Agile Mountain knows how to develop agile coaches. With many years of experience elevating Scrum Masters and team coaches to the next level, Agile Mountains can bring a new level of professionalism to your organisation's agile coaching capability.

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Training for Agile Coaches


If you are new to Agile Coaching, or have years of experience and want to move to a new professional level, Agile Mountain has a comprehensive range of training programs to suit the needs of any Agile Coach.

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Coach the Coach

Coaches need coaching too! 

Agile Mountain accompanies your agile coaches throughout their development journey, through lots of reflection and continuous improvement.

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