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Agile Coaching Fundamentals



The Agile Coaching Fundamentals training begins by developing a deep understanding of Agile with a focus on the aspects of an agile coach. The 2-day interactive training workshop takes the participants through the fundamentals of agile coaching, creating the foundation for an effective and accomplished agile coach.

The program is designed to seamlessly interweave theoretical knowledge with hands on experience in a safe and supported environment where collaboration and mutual learning is encouraged. Small cohorts (study groups) are formed for the duration of the program (and sometimes beyond) so new experiences can be shared and feedback used to accelerate and embed the learning.

This class is delivered using techniques from Accelerated Learning and Training for the Back of the Room which maximises the retention of the participants. This training is not a lecture format, where a teacher talks and participants listen, it is a fully immersive and interactive 2-day learning experience.

Who should attend

This Agile Coaching Fundamentals training is ideally suited towards anyone who is curious about moving to an agile coaching role, or already an agile coach, but would like some training in the fundamental topics. Leaders and managers also find this course very insightful due to the focus on coaching techniques designed to develop others.

There are no prerequisites for attendance to this class.


The Agile Coaching Fundamentals is available in-house and can be specifically adapted to cater for your organisational needs. The training can be in person or conducted remotely.

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