Your Agile Leadership Development

Organisations require real leadership. And leadership is a skill that can be learned, tuned and developed. As such, there is no end-state that can be reached, it requires continuous growth, with increasing awareness and effectiveness. To get the right level of support to achieve this, coaching is essential, and receiving Agile Leadership Coaching from an experienced agile leader, is the best of all worlds.  ​

Our Agile Leadership Coaching will support you in your day to day activities. You will not be pulled away from your work environment and into a classroom.  We will support, mirror, reflect and advise where necessary to ensure you walk along your own development journey.

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Agile Mountain uses a Catalyst Coaching approach which focuses on building your capability and ensuring it is sustainable. It is based on the belief that you can succeed independently. Agile Mountain will intentionally stay out of your business to maintain an important external perspective. From here Catalyst Coaching works best as a systemic view can be gained.

This is different from consulting. Agile Mountain will not tell you what to do, nor do the work for you. Catalyst Coaching helps you find your own solutions through pursuing continuous improvement techniques. The ultimate goal of Catalyst Coaching is for you to become independent of external support.


Want to know more about Agile Leadership Coaching? If so, why not get in touch and have a conversation about getting started.