Creating a

Resilient Agile Organisation

Agile Mountain works with you to build sustained results

Many organisations struggle to gain the true benefits of agility. The journey can start well, but level off quickly as problems are encountered. Becoming a resilient agile organisation requires a change in culture. People will need to communicate and behave differently, teams will need to collaborate more, and leaders will need to learn and adapt to new styles of leadership.


Agile Mountain understands this and has more than 10 years of experience helping organisations overcome the challenges of adopting an agile culture. We work with you to understand the current cultural profile of your organisation, and then collaboratively identify next steps to continue of your organisations development.

Organization Assessment.png
Organisation Assessment


"In order to know where to go,

you first need to know where you are"

Understanding your organisation's cultural profile is just one part of the Organisation Assessment which assess and identifies which activities are needed to steer and drive the next steps.

Agile Transformation.png
Agile Transformation


Transforming your organisation to become more responsive and more resilient is not trivial. Every organisation is unique and requires its own custom approach. Agile Mountain has the knowledge, experience and techniques to ensure a smooth and successful Agile Transformation.

Training the Organisation.png
Training the Organisation


Education and training is provided throughout the organisation at all levels. This ensures a consistent understanding and a common language is used, thereby maximising the impact of organisational evolution, and at the same time reducing fear and uncertainty.

Coaching the People.png
Coaching the People

Training is just the start! And, whilst it is vital it is only the beginning of a "learn-by-doing" experience. The rest comes from coaching in all its various forms. Agile Mountain guides clients through Catalyst Coaching to ensure new leanings are maximised and fully incorporated.