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Creating and developing

Real Agile Teams

Agile Mountain works with you to develop true teamwork

Most organisations create teams, but in reality, they just have a group of people who report to the same person - a working group. True teams are rare in a working environment, and when they do exists it is often due to serendipity, rather than deliberate action.

True teams are essential in the modern workplace and Agile Mountain knows how to foster, grow and support them. With many years of team coaching experience, plus recognised team coaching qualifications, Agile Mountain can not only accelerate your team's performance but also develop people in your organisation to do so.

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Team Assessments


How agile is our team? Its a common question and a worthy one. After-all, teams want to know if they are "doing it right", right?

Most agile assessments focus on practices, but at Agile Mountain we know true agility comes from having the right culture, behaviours and mindset in order to achieve extraordinary results. Our agile assessment works with teams to understand their agile maturity and how to move forward to sustain continuous improvement.

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Team Training


"If you don't understand the theory, you don't know which questions to ask". 

Learning is essential in any organisation and building knowledge together in a collaborative workshop environment is a great way to begin building true teams.

Agile Mountain has a comprehensive range of training programs to suit specific needs, all of which are delivered through interactive and hands-on training workshops.

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Team Coaching


Coaching builds on the team's current or newly acquired knowledge to develop practical experience and strengthen understanding.

Agile Mountain accompanies teams during the coaching phase to reflect, support, advise or consult. Our on-the-job coaching is aimed at building the team's capability through reflection and continuous improvement. We will not do the work for you, we will help you find sustained continuous improvement.