Advanced Agile Leadership Program



2 x 2 days


About the Course


This Advanced Agile Leadership Program is an immersive exploration of agile leadership essentials and the underlying leadership values and practices critical for building high performing teams and organisations. While focusing on the role of an Agile Leader, this training also provides an opportunity to learn about how agile supports the organisational change necessary to deliver more business value.

The program is designed to seamlessly interweave theoretical knowledge with hands-on experience in a safe and supported environment where collaboration and mutual learning is encouraged. Small cohorts (study groups) are formed for the duration of the course (and sometimes beyond) so new experiences can be shared and feedback used to accelerate and embed the learning.

The structure of this program is designed with 2 initial days of training, where theoretical topics and hands-on practise techniques are used to provide a safe learning environment. This is followed by a few weeks of regular working time, where participants can practise their newly learned skills, but with the ongoing coaching support from the trainer and their study group. The final 2 days of the course (days 3 and 4) cover more advanced topics and conclude by providing the opportunity for all participants to solidify their learning and map-out their ongoing leadership development program.


This program covers the core learning objectives to become a great agile leader, but also provides opportunity for deeper conversations led by the questions and challenges class participants raise. The key topics covered in the class include:​

  • New approaches and ways of working in an increasingly complex, unpredictable and volatile work place

  • A deep dive into agile leadership thinking and the leader’s role as a coach

  • Understanding leadership models that aid leaders in creating an organisational culture

  • Techniques and structures which encourage high performing, self-organising teams

  • Explore tools and techniques that support leaders in adapting to personal, situational and social awareness

  • Understand the various styles of leadership that exist and understand your own styles

  • The use of case studies to apply agile leadership concepts and practices

This class is delivered using techniques from Accelerated Learning and Training for the Back of the Room which maximises the retention of the participants. This training is not a lecture format, where a teacher talks and participants listen, it is a fully immersive and interactive 2-day learning experience.

Who should attend

This Advanced Agile Leadership Program is ideally suited towards managers and leaders who want to become more effective and foster a truly agile environment within their organisation. This could include agile team members who are moving into leadership positions, or existing managers and leaders who know agile is not just for the teams!

There are no prerequisites for attendance to this class.

Your Instructor

Russell Hill

Russell Hill